"Get Seen. Get Sales.

Our Online Rockstars Private Coaching Program is designed to put you on the video marketing fast track and accomplish your key business objectives using
the power of video marketing."

Online Rockstars Private Mentoring

Over the course of 3, 6 or 12 months (your choice), we dramatically increase your online visibility and credibility, while building your “thought leadership” in your niche.

In addition to greater visibility, we focus on video engagement – not just creating and leveraging great marketing videos – but producing videos that captivate your prospects and create raving fans.

We also work on specific goals such as list building, lead generation and/or video product creation, so you can build passive revenue streams that get you out of the “time for dollars” trap.

The Big Picture - Here’s how it works:

Where to Start – First, we determine your marketing goals and develop a game plan.

Brand Assessment - If needed, we review your brand identity to see if there is any need for improvement in your overall brand’s look, feel, tone and messaging.

Video Marketing Plan – Then we create a customized video marketing strategy based on your specific business objectives, usually including one or more of the following initiatives:

  • YouTube Optimization – Setting up and optimizing your YourTube channel to maximize views and SEO
  • Social Video – Integrating video and social media for maximum reach and influence across the appropriate platforms – Typically, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest
  • Traffic – Leads - Conversion – Our TLC stands for traffic, leads and conversion, the lifeblood of any online business.  We create video strategies to increase your web traffic, generate more leads and convert those leads to sales!
  • Customer Engagement – We’ll explore ways to make your videos more compelling and engaging by looking at your video messaging within the context of your overall brand.
  • Building Community – In addition to growing your list, we’ll also use video to create a bond with your customers so that they become evangelists for your brand and products.
  • Thought Leadership – Following the philosophy that each video is a building block for your brand, we’ll develop a longer-term plan to enhance your thought leadership in your niche.
  • Video Monetization – We’ll help you monetize your videos so they’re designed to generate revenue – whether it’s using video to promote your products and services, or using video as the product itself
  • Video Information Product Creation – We can help you create video products so you can generate passive income and stop trading time for dollars.

*Please note: Obviously, the above services are customized for your specific needs.  Unless we’re working on an annual basis, it’s unlikely that we’d get through all of these goals.

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The Nitty Gritty – Here’s what you get:

VIP Private Coaching and Mentoring provides everything you need to build and maintain your business momentum.  You'll have an experienced partner by your side  to help you reach your goals.

Here's everything it includes..

1. Kickoff Strategy Session and "core positioning" assessment

2. Customized video marketing plan to map out your strategy

3. Two private coaching calls per month via video conference

4. One (small group) Q & A call per month

5. Email Support and Coaching between calls

6. Private VIP Facebook Forum for additional support & networking with other Rockstars

7. One "Video 911" lifeline call every month, for when you get stuck

8.  Free Membership in Online Rockstars MastermindClub ($97 per month value) – Includes video tutorials, private membership site, video reviews and recommendations, and anytime access and replays to “Lou’s Labs” weekly webinar series.

9. Unlimited access to all my workshops and classes

10. SPECIAL BONUS! You’ll also receive a custom-branded (animated) video intro, such as a logo reveal, which can be used in all of your videos

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Video Marketing Coach to the Online Rockstars

"Having Lou guide my efforts so I'm doing the right thing with video has had astounding results: we've tripled conversions on sales pages just by tweaking our video strategy! I've attracted hundreds of thousands of dollars in business, filled live events, attracted high paying clients, built buzz... all by using video THE RIGHT WAY." - Nancy Marmolejo www.talentandgenius.com

"Look, I can tell you that his videos have made me loads of money, how clever he is or that his technique is top notch, because it's all true. But, that's not why you choose Lou. You work with Lou because of who he is and what he stands for; a man of uncompromising integrity, profound compassion, and unflinching character. Oh, and his wicked sense of humor will keep you laughing through the entire process.” - Michael Port, NY Times Bestselling Author, Book Yourself Solid www.michaelport.com

Now you can join the ranks of my "rockstar" clients like Michael Port, Mari Smith,
Ali Brown, Nancy Marmolejo, Denise Wakeman, Lolly Daskal, Bob "The Teacher" Jenkins, Les McKeown, Andrea J. Lee, Nick Unsworth, and dozens of others who have tapped into the incredible power of video marketing.

If you're ready to play a bigger game, have a greater impact and become a thought leader in your industry, then it's time for you to join my exclusive coaching and mentoring program.  With a unique combination of one-on-one coaching, accountability, ongoing support and custom video production, there's simply nothing else like it anywhere. 

You can't go wrong with this amazing coaching program

There is no where else you can get the personal coaching and support from a 20-year marketing veteran of the television industry and a leader in the world of online marketing.

You'll get a customized video marketing strategy designed to reach your specific goals, PLUS a personalized, branded "sizzle" video to kickstart your online visibility presence.  It's like having your own marketing coach and personal video producer.  

As you might expect, space is limited and by application only.  You can click below to get started...

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"Frequently Asked Questions"

What's the investment?

The investment depends on how long we work together.  The longer the commitment, the less it costs!  A $250 deposit holds your spot. 

Do you have payment plans available?

Absolutely!  You can spread your investment out over the length of our coaching together.

Why is there an application process?

Coaching applicants must complete a brief application to ensure that this is a good fit for both of us.  The process is completed after an informal phone interview.

How do I get started?

Simply pay the fully refundable $250 deposit to secure your spot.  Once the application and interview are approved, we'll get started!

How long is the Online Rockstars coaching and mentoring program?

To get the best results, there is a minimum of 3 months.  However, 6 and 12 month programs are also available.

How do I fill out the application?

The application can be filled out and submitted online at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1P--6AYWEn3LJsJEV7ox9pUyaDlAD-fYtUh90Js-BI3g/viewform