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Here's How You Can Extend Your Impact and Influence and Really GROW Your Business with a Powerful Video Marketing Partner

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Your investment is backed by my 100% complete satisfaction guarantee...

Six Keys to Online Video Success

Your Coaching Follows My Proven, 6-Step Video Marketing Success System:

Purpose-Driven Video

First, we'll complete your customized "Video IQ" Assessment so we can get clear on your goals and objectives.   We'll look at quick fixes, as well as big-impact/big vision changes and video marketing upgrades.

Video Marketing Planning

Next, we create your Video Vision and develop your custom Video Road Map - a step-by-step plan to keep you on track and ensure that you reach your video marketing goals.

Video Premise

In this module, we'll work on your online video brand and upgrade your current video branding and messaging.  We'll develop your strategy for video scripting to ensure that your "video voice" is consistent and creative. I'll also create your customized, 3-second YouTube intro for you.

Video Platforms

Here, we'll discover your "Video Sweet Spot," so you'll know exactly what type of videos will give you the most impact and influence.  We'll teach you "off-camera" options, so you can create easy and effective videos using your iPad, iPhone or smartphone.

Video Promotion

We'll create a custom video distribution and leverage plan to determine which platforms should receive the most promotion, and we'll automate your video distribution system.  We'll also teach you the nuannces of Social Video, so you can achieve the "I See You Everywhere" Effect.

Video Profits

Finally, we'll explore video monetization strategies and determine how to get the biggest bang for your video bucks.  We'll work on your custom Video Content Planner so you can uncover new ways to generate revenue from your videos.


Bonus Content #1: YouTube Optimization and Customized YouTube Intro Animation

You'll have much more reach, more impact and more engagement when you optimize your YouTube Channel for maximum video views.  We'll give you all the insider secrets, plus we'll create a custom, done for you YouTube animated intro that you can add to brand your YouTube videos! (See samples below)

Bonus Content #2: Google Hangouts Mastery Training

Once we show you exactly how to use and leverage Google Hangouts, you can use it for your webinars, for group coaching, for private coaching and even for video podcasts.  The sky's the limit once you know how to use this powerful platform.

That's not all... We'll even give your VA or assistant access to the trainings so they can learn and then do all this for you!

Bonus Content #3: Insider Access to Lou's Video Vault!

We've updated and reorganized our "Video Vault" to make it super simple for you to find and view exactly what you need to move your business forward.

Your Online Rockstars Video Vault Features Dozens of Exclusive Video Tutorials, Trainings & Webinar Replays

Inside the Video Vault, you'll find additional trainings and tutorials...

Video Marketing is Hard.  We Make it Simple.

Expand Your Impact and Influence with a Trusted Video Marketing Partner...

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Why work with Lou?

"Look, I can tell you that his videos have made me loads of money, how clever he is or that his technique is top notch, because it's all true. But, that's not why you choose Lou. You work with Lou because of who he is and what he stands for; a man of uncompromising integrity, profound compassion, and unflinching character. Oh, and his wicked sense of humor will keep you laughing through the entire process.”

- Michael Port - NY Times Bestselling Author of "Book Yourself Solid"

You're in good company when you work with Lou!

Enjoy the benefits of working with someone who has marketing experience with national brands...

"Having Lou guide my efforts so I'm doing the right thing with video has had astounding results: we've tripled conversions on sales pages just by tweaking our video strategy! I've attracted hundreds of thousands of dollars in business, filled live events, attracted high paying clients, built buzz... all by using video THE RIGHT WAY."

- Nancy Marmolejo - CEO of TalentandGenius.com

Don't Go It Alone!

Here's part of what we'll be working on together...

Purpose-Driven Video

Discover focus and clarity as we determine your video goals and objectives.  Explore your video strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities when we complete your custom "Video IQ" Assessment.  Identify "quick fixes" as well as big-picture video objectives.

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Video Marketing Planning

Together, we'll work on your "video vision," as we plot out specific strategies for your video marketing initiatives.  We'll develop a video marketing calendar that will give us a clear road map and a solid plan for moving forward.

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Video Premise

We'll evaluate your current video branding and messaging and make recommendations to ensure continuity and creativity.  We'll also work on scripting and copywriting for your key videos.   I'll also create your custom YouTube video intro animation.

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Video Platforms

Discover your "Video Sweet Spot," so you'll know exactly what types of videos give you the most impact. We'll teach you on-camera AND off-camera platforms and resources such as Adobe Voice, VideoMakerFx, Powtoon and more!

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Video Promotion

We'll maximize your video distribution and leverage, giving you the "I see you everywhere" effect.  We'll teach you the benefits of "social video" and explore which social/video platforms work best for your specific situation.  We'll also teach you "micro-video!"

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Video Profits

Now we work on monetizing your videos and boosting your bottom line!  We'll explore video content creation and show you how to create video courses to sell on Udemy, Skillfeed or on your own site. We'll show you how to use tools for cranking out video sales pages.

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Your Videos Are Your Online Reputation

It's time for your videos to live up to your brand!

Create Videos That Don't Suck!

Too many 6-figure entrepreneurs put up half-assed videos that DON'T live up to their brand or their online reputation.  (Are you guilty of this?)  You can't afford to have unprofessional, ineffective videos that do your brand more harm than good!   When you work with me, your videos don't go online until they're personally reviewed by me so that they are on target, on message and on brand.  After all, it's your entire online reputation that's at stake!

Video Marketing is a Shortcut to Success

Save time. Save money. Save your sanity!

Find Your Video "Sweet Spot"

Quit banging your head against the wall and spending countless hours on your videos that don't put your best face forward!  Work with me to ensure that you're making the right kind of video to achieve your specific business objectives.  Not every video should be a talking head.  I'll help you find your video "sweet spot," so that you're using the appropriate platform and making the most of every single video.

You Also Get Custom Video Production!

Take a peek at our sample reel to see the kind of customized, branded animation we create for you

Create Videos That Are Powerful and Memorable...

Get the expert guidance, support and accountability you need.

When you work with me you get more than a "coach."  You get a partner and a trusted adviser.  Someone who is as committed to your success as you are.  And you get years of practical, real-world experience - online marketing, creative services, video production, copywriting and more.  It's the whole package, all there for you and your business.

You'll get everything you need to master video marketing...

From YouTube Optimization and Google Hangouts, to Video Podcasting and Video Product Creation, We'll Share the New Rules and New Tools to Guarantee Your Video Marketing Success!

Of course, all of my products come with my iron-clad 100% guarantee.

Choose the Best Fit For You

Select the coaching package that's right for your specific needs...

  • VIP Group

    $337 /month
    • 6-Week Group Coaching Course
    • One Private 1:1 Coaching Session
    • YouTube Animation Intro
    • Video Vault Access & Tutorials
    • Video Help Desk
    • Private Facebook Forum
    • Just 3 payments of $337
  • VIP Private

    $1,250 /month
    • EVERYTHING in the VIP Group, PLUS:
    • 6 Months of Private 1:1 Coaching
    • Custom Video Roadmap Strategy
    • 12+ Personal Coaching Sessions
    • Virtual VIP Half Day
    • Done For You :10 Animated Video
    • Video 911 Tech Support
    • Train/Bring Your VA Bonus
    • Video Copywriting Services
    • Video Reviews/Critiques/Fixes
    • Bonus Video Podcast Training
  • 6-Month Retainer

    Call for Quote
    • EVERYTHING in the VIP Group
    • EVERYTHING in the VIP Private
    • PLUS:
    • Done for You :30 Custom Video
    • Done for You Copywriting
    • Done for You Video Editing
    • Done for You Sales Pages
    • Done for You Branded Graphics

Make Videos. Make Money. Make an Impact.

Join Our Group or Private VIP Elite Coaching and Dramatically Expand Your Reach and Influence!

It's not enough to simply market to your potential customers anymore.  You must ENGAGE them.  You must be memorable.  You must make an impact.  Clearly, video is the most powerful way to connect and create the crucial "know, like and trust" factor.   I invite you to work with me to create a powerful and creative video presence that brings you even greater visibility, engages your target market and builds a loyal community of fans and paying customers.  Now is the time.  Video is the way.

Get The Goods!

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